Oliver Brunbauer a.k.a. ollmann, Sound Engineer / Producer at his Feedback Studio |2 in Vienna, Austria.

Great Sound, Great Espresso, Great Vibes

Services include Recording – in the studio and on location – Editing, Mixing, Mastering and Live/F.O.H-support.

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Excited and very happy – my debut solo album will be released late summer by the fabulous label col legno !
Can’t wait to hear it ?
–> Radio Ö1 will premiere the first two tracks of the record next Saturday 22:05 in ‘Nachtbilder’ :

Peacfully recorded in the wonderful halls of our most favorite place ever, HotelPupik in the styrian middle of nowhere, Mixed and Mastered here at Feedbackstudio|2

15940785_10211982652226659_3653866047120609486_n lauermann

…some time ago…

… here at Feedbackstudio|2 – Olga Neuwirth recording toy instruments for her soundtrack to the thrilling “Ich seh, Ich seh” (“Goodnight Mommy”). Now available on CD (Kairos).



Minor Border wins Diagonale award for Best Short Documentary

Sounddesign & Mix @ Feedbackstudio|2 by Oliver Brunbauer

minor border

Happy Record Store Day !


Kreisky… very sneaky…. huuuhhhhh

STUDIO – UFO … Brandnew FIJUKA stuff on the way …


Mixing Kreisky‘s “Blick auf die Alpen” @ Feedbackstudio|2

Recording BULBUL´s “Hirn Fein Hacken” @ HotelPupik onto Tape with the FeedbackStudio|2 mobile rig


Pick 2

Recording Kreisky

Cutting 4 new tracks LIVE at the Symphonia Studio@Wiener Konzerthaus

Live Recordings @ ACF New York w/Klangforum, AronQuartet

Acf New York

ⓒ David Plakke

Recording “Take me here by the dishwasher” w/ Kjartan Sveinsson (Sigur Rós) & Ragnar Kjartansson


Bawag Contemporary 2011


Mixing Gustav’s – “Verlass die Stadt” w/ jantsch_e at FeedBack Studio One

tweaking in FastForward mode with mademoiselle gustav at studio one…


The Birth of Studio 2